Sebastian Räther


Stephan Mattner

saxophone//clarinet flute concept//keys computer

Ralf Gessler


Jazz goes Rock goes Prog goes Electronics

Yabbalaga is the name of the new project by Cologne saxophonist Stephan Mattner. Together with bassist Sebastian Räther and drummer Ralf Gessler, he presents eight exciting pieces on Creatures.

Sometimes more jazzy, then more inclined to rock again, the prog rock-oriented track „The Diva“ also sets new standards in this metier with this instrumentation, electro beats and house soundscapes round off the groovy trip through Yabbalaga’s music world.

The loops were recorded in advance with flute, clarinet and soprano sax, partly edited and played back to live music. This creates a powerful construct which can go hand in hand with coincidences in a clear structure.



April 16

Jam in the Basement Cologne 












Goethe Institut London


Universität Siegen

Salon de Jazz Köln


Domicil Dortmund



Unterstützt durch den IFM e.V. | Initiative Freie Musik in Köln, gefördert mit Mitteln der Stadt Köln, Kulturamt.


„… exciting concept …“

„…Not only does it create attractive tonal friction between the acoustic instruments and digital phrases, but also random shadows and overlays of form and structure of the pieces as well as those within them Mixtures of contemporary music to be heard Jazz, loud prog rock or swirling techno. That the result is neither simple nor simpel sounds also has to do with the fact that Räther and Gessler groove together wonderfully and Mattner on the tenor saxophone is a great inventor of really heartwarming melodies …“ 

Martin Laurentius Jazzthing 2023

„…Das alles erzeugt mächtig Atmosphäre, wodurch diese Platte auch echte Soundtrack-Qualität aufweist…“

„Film noire aesthetic with a good dose of retro-futurism.“

Hier ist die ganze Rezension zu lesen

Stefan Piper NRWJazzNet 2023

Single Launch October, 2023

featuring Mark Wingfield

EP Release April 28th, 2023


Stephan Mattner
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